Adriana Scuka B.S., M.A., SLP (C)

A Registered Speech Language Pathologist You Can Trust

Adriana Scuka B.S., M.A., SLP (C)

I founded Speech Teach 20 years ago with the goal of empowering individuals and families to navigate communicative and speech disorders with empathy.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the Public Health sector, including in the Child Development Centre and Kelowna General Hospital, I’ve developed broad expertise with children and adults.

A Rounded Speech Pathologist

I’ve always pursued extra accreditation to ensure my skills are relevant, up-to-date, and in line with current best practice.

I’m a Registered Autism Service Provider (RASP).

I was part of the BC Early Hearing Program Team in the lower mainland - with a mission to identify and provide services to children.

Speech Therapy Qualifications

  • 25+ years industry experience
  • Master of Science, in Speech at the Washington State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology at Walla Walla University
  • Registered Autism Service Provider (RASP)
  • 10 years as a Speech Language Pathologist Clinical Practice Leader in a supervisory role for the Fraser Health Authority
  • 17 years as an Honorary Clinical Supervisor in the Faculty of Medicine’s School of Audiology and Speech Sciences at the University of B.C..
  • Member of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada since 1988
  • Member of Speech and Hearing of BC since 1997
  • Registered with College of Speech and Hearing Professional of BC since 2010

What I Do

I offer speech and language consultation, assessments, individual and group therapy, and parent/caregiver education to preschool children, school-aged children, and adults.

My Goal

My goal is to provide my clients and families with treatment, strategies, and tools that will empower them to reach their potential in their life.

Additional Training for the Treatment of Stuttering

I received additional training at the Stuttering Foundation of America, Northwestern University for Stuttering Therapy, and the Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention.

Additional Hanen  Program Certification Workshops take provide training to Involve Parents and Care Provides  as Language Facilitators  These include:

It Takes Two to Talk; Target Word’, More Than Words’, Talkability.

Additional Training for the Treatment of Voice Disorders

Two weeks intense practical experience at the Provincial Voice Care Resource Program ( PVCRP) at Vancouver General Hospital. for the purpose of  management of clients with dysfunction of the voice and larynx.