Early Intervention

Early intervention_3The years between birth and school-entry are critical to a child’s development and impact their future. Research indicates that helping children with communication needs in their early developmental stages (new-born to six-years-old) improves their outcomes and future life skills.

What will early Intervention do?

Reduces the chance of long-term social, emotional and educational problems

  • Prevents problems from getting worse
  • Reduces parent’s anxiety
  • ¬†Puts parents in touch with the correct help and support as soon as possible
  • An easier transition to school
  • The earlier treatment begins, the more effective it is for your child. Even children under the age of one year can be helped.

What you may gain from Early Intervention Services

  • Help to understand your child’s growth and development
  • Connection to other resources and supports
  • Parent education
  • Support for you in your role as a parent of a child with communication difficulty
  • Help to identify your child’s needs and goals